What is your shipping policy?

We have a flat rate of $3  per shipment for the United States. Free shipping on orders over $45.

How can I sample/smell your products?

We are constantly working to get our product into more retailers so you can smell them yourself. Unfortunately we don't have samples available outside of our stockist's locations

I want to be a stockist. How do I order wholesale?

Want to include our products in your store? We would love that! email us at sagehollowsupply@gmail.com and we can make it happen!

Will I have an allergic reaction to your perfume/cologne?

We can not guarantee that your skin won't have a reaction to our products. Everyone's skin is different and everyone has different allergies. Our fragrances contain shea butter, beeswax, jojoba oil, various fragrance and essential oils. To read more about our products go to the about page. If you have allergies or are sensitive to cosmetic products please use with care.

Any other questions?

Did we miss something? always feel free to email us at sagehollowsupply@gmail.com or visit our contact page.